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Key Stage 2 Results 

2019 Key Stage 2 Results

% achieving the expected standard or above in Reading, Writing and Maths            SUPP

% making expected progress in English - Reading                                                     SUPP

% making expected progress in English - Writing                                                     SUPP

% making expected progress in English - Grammar, punctuation and spelling            SUPP

% making expected progress in Maths                                                                      SUPP

% achieving Greater Depth in English - Writing                                                        SUPP


* Please note that "SUPP" mentioned in the data means that the information has been suppressed because the underlying number are too small (as noted on DFE website).


Unusually, in 2014 our year 6 cohort was significant enough to be reported upon.  League tables published by The Times ranked our school as 4th in North Yorkshire and 93rd nationally.


View the full Key Stage 2 performance tables for our School here