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Sports Premium Policy


The Sports Premium is a basic grant to all schools.  The purpose of this funding is to support the provision of quality physical activities within the school.  It can be used in many ways but the school is accountable to parents and governors for the way in which it is spent and school is required to publish this information on our website.


  1. The Sports Premium is used to develop and extend opportunities in physical education.   This may be on an individual,  group, class or whole school level.
  2. The Sports Premium is used to support and improve progress and to raise the achievement for pupils in physical education.
  3. The Sports Premium is used to promote pupils’ health and well-being, including social development, through very small  school cluster group activities, cluster events and larger groups including County activities as appropriate.
  4. The Sports Premium Funding benefits all pupils.


  1.  The Sports Premium is clearly identifiable within the budget.
  2.  The Headteacher, in consultation with the PE and PSHCE Coordinators and other staff, decides how the Sports    Premium is spent for the benefit of pupils.
  3.  School will assess what additional provision might be appropriate for individual pupils.
  4.  School is accountable for how it has used the additional funding.  The Headteacher reports to the Governing Body  on how effective the Sports Premium funding has been in achieving its aims.
  5.  School publishes online information about how we have used the Sports Premium and the impact that it is having for  pupils.
  6.  School tracks and evaluates the impact of the Sports Premium spending to ensure that the value that has been  added to physical education at the school is demonstrated.


This policy contributes significantly to the physical and social development of all pupils.  School will ensure that pupils are treated equally and that the additional funding is used constructively, in line with current DfE and OFSTED Guidance (2014) to enhance sporting and health related provision, including social development.  School uses the funding to promote the achievement and progress of all pupils.  Through considered use of this additional funding, school is fully committed to ensuring that the individual needs of the child are met.  As a consequence, school enhances sports and health related provision, including social development for all children.


Hackforth & Hornby C of E Primary School
Sports Grant 2016-17 - £7257.00
Purpose Intended Use Amount Impact
Purchase of quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport. Mini take-off board £138.42 School staff are able to deliver high quality lessons and children report increased enjoyment
Springboard £242.82
PE Storage Shed (purchase/build small shed) £137.25
Shelving in KS2 PE Shed (materials/labour in large shed) £455.15
Enhancing the outdoor areas to promote healthy active lifestyles EYFS Area (materials/labour) £845.00 Outdoor provision improved to benefit pupil outcomes through outdoor learning.
Compost bin £95.00
Gardening shed £179.99
Greenhouse £185.00
Hosting or attending sports competitions, events, workshops etc. Kofi's Journey (cluster dance/drama project)) £390.00 Continue to provide opportunities for children to represent school in sports and cluster events.  Commercial transport ensures inclusivity.
Kwick Cricket Tournaments £147.00
Wensleydale Festival £182.00
Cluster Rounders £22.00
Cluster Sports £130.00
Swimming Gala £120.00
Tag Rugby £220.00
Yorkshire Cricket Ground £95.00
Supporting childrens healthy, active lifestyles through after school clubs GTA & HLTA Hours - 6 clubs per week x 39 weeks £2,065.05 Inclusive clubs, EYFS-Year 6.
Appointing and hiring specialist PE or sports teachers to work with primary teachers when teaching PE. Archery Sessions  £435.00 Improved range of activities in PE curriculum.  Increased teacher and GTA confidence in delivering PE.  
Cricket in the classroom £100.00
Zumba Sessions £365.00
Cricket Sessions £312.50